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NOTE: In this series I build a blogengine using ASP.NET MVC and jQuery from scratch in order to learn more about these new technologies. If you haven't read the first post in this series, I would encourage you do to that first, or check out the jBlogMvc category. You can also always subscribe to the feeds.

In this part of the series, I build the administration area of the blog engine I am building using the ASP.NET MVC and jQuery, in this part I will cover more basic features used in any blog engine, so lets get started.

What will part 1 cover ?

Basically it will cover how to build an administration area, I chose the wordpress blog engine and tried to clone its structure and some look and feel of it, the operations I will implement in this part will be :

  • Visitor
    • Login -- I will just reuse the code available with the default project template for membership stuff.
  • Admin
    • Logout
    • Add Post

The stuff I collected and used all over the net from blogs and used in this part can be summarized in the following,

  1. Using membership for validation
  2. Using the Authorize attribute
  3. Using Model Binders
  4. jQuery Client validation
  5. Small validation framework for business rules and server side validation.(originally written by scott gu)
  6. Using nested master pages in ASP.NET MVC
  7. Applying the "Post/Redirect/Get" (aka PRG) pattern.
  8. Applying some css to make it look nice (based on wordpress blogengine admin layout)

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