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March 2009 Entries

Here are some notes about my experience when testing an upgrade to the general distribution release of the Database Edition. I installed the latest version of the VSTS Database Edition (GDR) on my laptop and loaded up a copy of the a database project. Everything converts pretty much ok with the only issue being unresolved cross-database references. DBPro is now model-based and as such does not require SQL Server to be installed locally. This also allows them to have project references to other databases ......

Technorati Tags: WPF,MVVM Just posting a bunch of links to some really great articles on WPF. Pay special attention to the ones on the MVVM pattern. Very powerful stuff. Dan Crevier's Blog - DataModel-View-ViewModel Pattern Part One Introduction to Attached Behaviours in WPF Tales From The Smart Client - Attached Behaviour Pattern Sample Silverlight Behaviours A Guided Tour of WPF - 5 part series covering the basics Simplifying the TreeView by Using the ViewModel Pattern Using MVC to Unit Test WPF ......