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April 2008 Entries

In a previous (failed) attempt at an April Fools post I mentioned that a new and hipper version of Visual Basic was being designed to take advantage of the DLR.

Little did I know how close I was.  LOLCode on the DLR


Bueller? Perhaps I am the fool. Either that or nobody's listening; which is a distinct possibility as I haven't been posting anything much of interest in some time now. I thought that this would have at least garnered some half-hearted jabs. I mean really. Where are all of those naive petitioners now? BTW, the code examples shown in my previous post are actually from LOLCODE and yes, it's real. To be honest, I sort of like the way the code reads. There's even the beginnings of a .NET compiler for ......

Back in March of 2005 I found myself with the unlikely need to print from a DOS-based program to a USB printer in a stand-alone environment. At the time, I documented the process, mostly for myself. That article has now accumulated one hundred and seventy-six thousand, six hundred and two three four hits during the intervening 3 years. What this means, even to this day, as the hits continue to climb at a steady pace, is that about once every nine minutes (!!) somebody does a search on how to make ......

Now that Visual Basic has broken ties with its COM roots it is free to continue innovation and advance the platform for the next generation. Microsoft has done a lot of market research and found that VB is being embraced by the younger generation and have embarked on a completely new form of the language. The typical VB developer has long been associated with the "Mort" persona. Mort doesn't have time for fancy frameworks and elegant code. He just wants to get things done quickly and efficiently ......