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July 2006 Entries

Say it isn't so! The Holmdel facility is the birthplace of the cellphone. It was home to the work of several Nobel laureates and was the birthplace of the most important communications technologies in history. And some private real estate company is just going to tear it down. Via Engadget. Before the current facility was erected, Harald Friis' work at Holmdel in 1938 produced one of the first microwave communications and RADAR systems, which was utilized by the US in World War II to defend against ......

While Dean Kamen's Segway didn't come close to living up to the hype that was generated prior to its release, the design engineers over there may be onto something with the Centaur. The Segway balancing technology allows you to “pop a wheelie“ for as long as the batteries hold out and you can even steer while doing it. The biggest advantage IMHO? You won't look stupid riding it. This one might actually sell. Check out this article over on Popular Science for the details. Tres cool. N'es ......