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...this guy: Comments from Totzkeeeeee's Blog: Sender: ValiUrl: http://vicnet_resita@yahoo.... Address: re: HOWTO: Print to a USB Printer from DOS in Windows XP i need Source: Don't we all Vali, don't we all. DaveJust because I can... ......

I wrote an article on printing to a USB printer from DOS on a stand-alone PC more to document it for my own reference than anything else but it's getting hammered by google searchers. It seems that DOS based programs are far from gone and as printers move away from parallel interfaces to USB people are faced with the problem of how to get it to print. Jonathan just dropped by to say thanks for the tips and left some exellent additional pointers to help out so I thought I would put them up front here ......

Come on people!  I can't believe this didn't bring back memories for anyone.  Not a single comment? 


Just because I can...