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Curious to know what those TBA sessions are really about? With registration going live in Hall F at the San Diego Convention Center at 9:00 AM, you will be able to pick up your mini-guide and see the new titles in print, or go to CommNet and see the new titles have been posted. They include:

  • Breakout Sessions:  DEV200, DEV300, DEV301, DEV302, DEV303 all have updated titles!
  • Cabana Sessions:  DEVC05, DEVC08, DEVC20, DEVC22, DEVC32, DEVC33, DEVC34, DEVC39, DEVC42
DEV200  General Session: Managing the Software Lifecycle with Visual Studio 2005
Tuesday, May 25 10:45 AM- 12:00 PM, Halls GH
Speaker(s): Rick LaPlante
Track(s): Architecture, Developer Tools and Technologies
In today's business climate, companies are under increased pressure to save resources by better managing how applications are designed, developed, tested, and deployed. In Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft and its partners will offer advanced application lifecycle management tools and processes that will assist organizations in delivering their solutions on time and under budget. In this general session, you will get the first-ever glimpse of Microsoft's new enterprise tools and see how Visual Studio 2005 combines its historic leadership in developer productivity with a focus on tight integration, to deliver new products that will forever change the way you write software.
DEV300  Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Tools: Software Project Management
Tuesday, May 25 1:30 PM- 2:45 PM, Room 20D
Speaker(s): Lori Lamkin
Track(s): Architecture, Developer Tools and Technologies
Learn how to take advantage of the combined power of Visual Studio, the Microsoft Office System, and industry proven practices to successfully manage software projects--from conception to deployment.
DEV301  Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Tools: Enabling Better Software Through Better Testing
Wednesday, May 26 8:30 AM- 9:45 AM, Room 20D
Speaker(s): Tom Arnold
Track(s): Architecture, Developer Tools and Technologies
Building higher-quality software requires better testing tools and methodologies. In this session, we discuss best practices and showcase new tools to formulate test cases, run load tests, automate nightly builds, and view historical results and quality trends.
DEV302  Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Tools: Building Robust and Reliable Software
Thursday, May 27 1:30 PM- 2:45 PM, Room 20D
Speaker(s): Eric Lee
Track(s): Architecture, Developer Tools and Technologies
Visual Studio 2005 will provide Microsoft best practices and development tools that used to be available only internally, including: the profiler used by the Windows and SQL teams; the integration of the Application Verifier into Visual Studio; and the source code analyzers used to check the reliability of Windows source code. Learn how these tools, together with unit testing and other enterprise tools, will empower development teams to write reliable and performant code in Visual Studio 2005.
DEV303  Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise Tools: Enterprise-Class Source Control and Work Item Tracking
Thursday, May 27 3:15 PM- 4:30 PM, Room 20D
Speaker(s): Brian Harry
Track(s): Architecture, Developer Tools and Technologies
Get an introduction to the new software configuration management system included in the Visual Studio 2005 enterprise tools. See how an integrated and extensible source code control and work item tracking system can boost your team's productivity by significantly streamlining your development processes.
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