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Ben Carey and I will be speaking at the .NET Developers Group in Central Ohio this Thursday (9/23) on Open Source Tools for .NET Developers.

In the discussion, we'll go over several of the popular tools that assist in the development process:

  • Nant - the infamous build tool.
  • Nunit - test first, dawg.
  • CruiseControl.NET - makes all the other tools smile.
  • Nmock - because unit testing your web service is your job, not mine.
  • Ndoc - comparing JavaDoc and MSDN output should tell you something.

Ben's really good with a lot of these tools. He's got a lot of background in XP and TDD. I've been digging into Nant for the past couple months on my current project. I've learned a ton from Ben in just discussing some of the high-level concepts preparing for this presentation. Good stuff.

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