We cleared Montana and ~ 70 miles of Idaho (way up there at the top). Marc did get a speeding ticket in Idaho 4 miles from the WA border. We both had  to give up our ID’s for a check.

it is 8:51 EDT (5:51  Seattle Time). I can only deive~ 100 mi at a time at this point. We have been on the road almost 52 hours. It’s not that I'm really tired but my eyes glaze over, especially in the dark.

Had a little incident getting gas a few minutes ago. American Express decided to trigger a security alert so i had to call, answer secret questions but the woman  gas pump computer was still waiting on authorization and was locked up. I finally just left her cash and let her figure it out.

My shirt was filthy from 3000 miles of spilled coffee so i changed all my cloths and put on some deoderant.  Marc is holding out until  we get to Vancouver which should only be a few hours away at this point.