Marc is driving again but we are stopping more frequently. Lindsey is always happy to jump out and see how many friends she can make. I like the  20’ extendable leash that Marc has, it works  very well for letting her run around a bit.

Any times you see are EDT. 4:52 am by our  clocks but on the cell it is an hour earlier. According to Kansas City weather, sunrise is around 7am at this latitude which we are still on.

Elevation ~ 920 feet. Nice clear moon and skies, 21C (yes Marc is practicing to be Canadian).

At the last truck stop (that's what's open here in the middle of the night), we  both felt distinctly out of place with shorts and short sleeve shirts in the cool, almost cold night. Definitely nobody else is in shorts. At least i wore my Tweener shirt instead of full Hawaiian.