Marc is still driving since Sioux Falls, I’ll take over at the Wyoming border coming up in 163 miles. Long straight roads, very nice today 25C, sunny and Eric Clapton blasting from the Zune / car stereo, but i can only imagine what it must be like in the dead of winter with arctic storms blasting in from the north across the plains. There is some clue in this with all the road construction. For dozens of miles at a stretch they are totally replacing the lanes or removing and replacing concrete sections damaged by what I’m guessing is frost heaves. It sucks to type bouncing up and down on them.

Very pleased with Verizon service, both phone and internet connection have been pretty much solid the entire way so far.

Stopped for gas and lunch in Merdo, SD in the middle of South Dakota. It is a  small town with a bunch of houses  and businesses, what do they all do? Probably a dozen at each of the exits’ gas station/diner. Here is Marc cleaning the windshield with Lindsey at one of them:


Oh crap, between the picture above and below (~ 20 min) i managed to break the lcd screen on my Nikon S210.I fixed an L10 before i can probably do this and know where to get the parts now!

i’m  sure they all farm, we are driving through hundreds and hundreds of miles of fame land like this:




There is also a lot of “tourist” traps like the “1890 Town” where you can take pictures but all that is seasonal and not active now.


And current location near the “Badlands'”!