We’re still rolling, got a nice view of Nashville as we drove through at 6:15, lots of traffic and jams going south, more people live that way maybe? No problem going north on I24, a bit heavy traffic but not bad.

Cruise control just started working… We are in a 1999 Blazer that was originally belonged to wife Bobbi but went to Marc in 2002, his 2nd year of college. We were out looking for a car for him and i thought this is not right… give him the old car and buy Bobbi a new one!!

Marc is still driving, now at 13.5 hours.

Lindsey being good, now sleeping in back. She pokes her nose up front sometimes and sometimes we have to push her back but she has not been a problem.

Just passed Clarkesville (Last Train to Clarksville fame? if you remember that Monkeys’ song?), TN and into Kentucky.