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February 2008 Entries

Code Camp 2008 South Florida Done -- Whew!

It's all over, what a rush!

Final stats...

795 registered, over 600 showed up, 50 speakers gave 71 sessions over 12 parallel tracks.

We drank 1100 waters, 500 sodas, over 700 cups of coffee, ate 170 pizzas and used 300 pounds of ice.

Feedback can be viewed at: http://www.codecampevals.com/speakers/SpeakerEvals.aspx?CodeCampID=17

Some photos at: http://noderer.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!E8348157304BCE63!316/

Russ & Alex Photos:


Speaker links as I get them: http://codecamp08.fladotnet.com/Speakers.aspx

Thanks to all the sponsors for making this great event happen!

No code camp would be possible without all the great speakers, some local and many who traveled to on their own with no monetary help from us. The entire developer community is grateful to each one!

I'd like to point out the other volunteers who helped make it all look easy! Many of them were speakers as well but I want to make sure they get the credit they deserve.

Ed Hill - Devry University Professor organized the venue, provided student volunteers, acted as "Intro to .NET" track chair, made multiple runs to Costco, received the material and was on the run  all day Saturday during the event.

Scott Katarincic - created web administration pages  without which we would have been poking in the datbase and the sesssion / speaker entries could not have been distributed.

Charles Curtis - Handled the sponsor images and displays, this was a big help!

DeVry Student Volunteers.. I don't have a list of  names but without them and the help of Bob O'Connell (another Devry professor) we would have had to recruit a lot more volunteers for the day of the event. They did a great job, just point them in the right direction and they took off with the task at hand.

Alex Funkhouser - In  charge of the T-shirts and t-shirt graphics plus organization of the commons for the sponsors and donated Mike Wasserman.

Mike Wasserman - Mike did all the legwork for organizing the speaker reception on Firday night and the post party at JP Mulligans on Saturday night. Both came off smoothly, people had plenty to eat and drink and did not go over the budget.

Jonas Stawski (Spanish), Larry  Port (Agile), Jeff Barnes (Architecture) and Bill Reiss (Pre-Mix 08/Silverlight) stand out as excellent track chairs that spent considerable time thnking about and organizing their respective tracks.

I have to mention John Dunagan aka "ICE MAN" who for the second year in a row drove from Naples to deliver 300 pounds of ice... ok, he just poped over to public but it was a big help!

Mai Nguyen was our session monitor and kept a count of each session. Thanks!

Morgan Baker helped organize the un-organized speaker sessions with a spreadsheet that got us launched into the actual scheduling of sessions.

Shevin Shakibi as always provided great ideas and moral support and was the SQL/BI track chair.

Jose  Luis Manners was a Spanish co-chair  but was in the middle of a number of work issues and ended up being out of town during code camp.

Joe Healy as always was a great support but i think he enjoyed sitting back and watching it happen without a lot of his help. And this year he was very sick and just barely made it to code camp on Saturday! He helped locate and motivate a number of the speakers  and as always is a valued part of the team!

Next year's code camp has been set for  2/8/2009.