Can't get enough during the day?? Check out these sessions, all are interactive, not presentations. You get to ask lots of questions and add your own opinions and experiences! These are all posted on the Teched site and can be added to your personal calendar from there....

Sponsored by INETA and Culminis!! Check at the BOF table at night or the INETA community lounge during the day for last minute changes.

Time Room Host(s) Topic
6:30 PM Cabana 1 Julie Lerman Life on the bleeding edge
6:30 PM Cabana 2 Aaron Skonnard Migrating ASMX to Indigo
6:30 PM Cabana 4 Keith Brown Writing partially trusted code
6:30 PM Cabana 6 TBD Available for Just-In-Time BoF session
6:30 PM Cabana 8 Randy Miller Innovative Techniques in .NET Development
6:30 PM Cabana 10 Gary Sinkowitz Securing Web Application Environment using a Dedicated Hoster
6:30 PM Cabana 12 Sue Mosher Outlook Power Users Gathering
6:30 PM Cabana 14 Rick Gasper Piracy in the Academic Community
6:30 PM Cabana 16 Ama Keisha Trotter SharePoint 2003 Server (As Intranet and as an Extranet)
6:30 PM Break-out Robert Hurlbut Developing software as a non-administrator
7:45 PM Cabana 1 TBD Available for Just-In-Time BoF session
7:45 PM Cabana 2 Jay Glynn Pragmatic Architecture
7:45 PM Cabana 4 Jeffrey Palermo Agile Methodologies With .NET
7:45 PM Cabana 6 TBD Available for Just-In-Time BoF session
7:45 PM Cabana 8 Dave Simons Client Application Management in Distributed Environments
7:45 PM Cabana 10 Alex Keh Using Oracle on .NET and Windows
7:45 PM Cabana 12 Doug Hung Working with Microsoft Exchange 2003 (was: Microsoft Exchange 2003 Issues)
7:45 PM Cabana 14 Ross LoForte SQL Server Security
7:45 PM Cabana 16 Kit George Meet the CLR team
7:45 PM Break-out Tim Huckaby What the heck is a Smart Client Application?!
9:00 PM Cabana 1 Christopher Reed CSS and ASP.NET
9:00 PM Cabana 2 Aaron Skonnard BizTalk Contracts and the Web Services Publishing Wizard
9:00 PM Cabana 4 Brian Noyes Smart Client Deployment
9:00 PM Cabana 6 TBD Available for Just-In-Time BoF session
9:00 PM Cabana 8 Kit George Managed Performance: Writing faster managed code
9:00 PM Cabana 10 Kevin Fisher Enterprise Authentication, Authorization, and Security Meta-data Framework
9:00 PM Cabana 12 Jason Zions Integrating Windows and non-Windows platforms
9:00 PM Cabana 14 Holly Dyas It's not your father's TechNet subscription: the new TechNet subscription for IT Pros
9:00 PM Cabana 16 Abraham Martinez Security for Wi-Fi Hotspots
9:00 PM Break-out Keith Brown Writing Secure Code