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2011 Year in Review and 2012 Predictions

Saturday, December 31, 2011 4:11 PM

2011 has been a fantastic year for so many different reasons, and its laid the groundwork for a fantastic 2012 to come!

Online Business Systems

In February I started with Online Business Systems, a technology and business consulting company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba but with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Portland, Minneapolis, and Toronto. Coming to online was the best decision I’ve ever made in my career. The mentorship and nurturing, the opportunities and support, and the culture of the organization has helped me grow professionally over the last year; I can only imagine the growth I’ll see in 2012!

Prairie Developer Conference

2011 saw the second year for running the Prairie Developer Conference, a software dev conference I put on in Regina. June 2011 was the second Regina event and we saw almost 100% growth from the previous year, which is fantastic! With TechDays not running in Winnipeg or Calgary, I decided to fill that void and put on Winnipeg’s first Prairie Dev Con this past November. Running the conference is a lot of work, but its a lot of fun and I love getting together with old friends, making new ones, and connecting with various developer communities across the prairies. 2012 will see the first 3 day Prairie Dev Con in Calgary this March and then in Regina in October.


2011 marked the first full year we’ve had both of our girls (we adopted), and embracing the whole family aspect of life has been the most rewarding part of the year. Family is definitely the fuel that keeps me going and grounds me in my day-to-day activities. 2012 will see my oldest break into the double-digit age range and my youngest stringing more and more words together in conversation. They really do grow up way too fast, I’m treasuring every second!

2012 will also bring the 15th anniversary of being married to my beautiful wife Michelle! Gotta think up something special for this one.

And what about 2012?…

2012 will be a fantastic year, one filled with new adventures, experiences, people, and achievements!

I was going to try and make a bunch of predictions as to what will happen within the tech industry, but instead of specifics I think there’s one general trend that I see happening – the focus on solutioning and value delivered over platform, technology, and architecture. More and more, people want solutions to their problems and don’t really care how those solutions are created as long as they work. Technologists will need to understand this nuance, and that solutions need to transcend platform, operating system, screen size and device type. More and more people are expecting the same application to run across all their devices in a similar way. With the increase in computing power in even small devices like cell phones this will will become more and more necessary to consider when developing a solution.

We used to use the term “mobile” computing, but what 2012 will show us is that its not about mobile or non-mobile, its about writing applications that can work on a variety of devices. Microsoft switched their terminology over the last few years from desktop, laptop, phone to “screens” – recognizing that under the hood we’re always dealing with a computer, but the interface to that computer is really what’s changing. This concept will continue to evolve and grow over the next year.

Happy New Year

So happy new year to everyone, and we’ll see you back here in 2012!


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