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Boxing Day 2011–Good Times, Great Friends, and Crazy People Looking for Deals

Tuesday, December 27, 2011 5:43 PM

The holidays have become a time rich with traditions for me. Family wise, its a time to get together and celebrate the people that love and support us throughout the year. Turkeys are cooked, gifts are opened, and well wishes are shared. But in the midst of all the goodness and emotion is another holiday that lends itself more to what Scrooge might value – capitalism, thrift, and commercialism. Yes, I’m talking about Boxing Day!

Boxing Day, for my American friends, is very much Canada’s Black Friday – but instead of attaching it to Thanksgiving, we attach it to Christmas. On Boxing Day people line up at ungodly hours outside stores in the hopes of scoring a good deal on something.

For the last few years, myself and some friends have evolved Boxing Day into a yearly tradition that is more about the experience than actually buying anything (last year I don’t think I bought anything actually). We have it down to a good schedule: Watch a late movie at the nearby theatre, then get into line at Best Buy around 1:30 AM.

What began years ago with just standing in line has evolved to a tailgating experience complete with cooking on a Coleman stove, bringing movies, and this year a table with board games! Below are some pictures from the event (you can see the full album on Google+ here), and a compilation of video footage I took from the night – including footage of what its like to go rushing through the doors at 6AM!





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