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Winnipeg Code Camp–Session Announcement

Sunday, January 30, 2011 8:36 PM

I’ve been updating the Winnipeg Code Camp website over the last few weeks with sessions and speakers as we’ve added them, and I’m happy to announce the full set of sessions!* We have a very interesting mix this year with new speakers and varied technologies!

Remember this is a *FREE* event, so head over to our website to find out how to register for what will be a fantastic code camp!

*OK, so we still have one session that needs to be have an official title, and one session that’s still TBA…but close enough. ;)

What`s New in Entity Framework 4 Aaron Kowall
Easy Automation Setup for Everyday Projects Amir Barylko
Hackerspaces Everywhere! Winnipeg: Our Time is Now Andrew Orr
C# Ninjitsu Chris Eargle
Code like a Ninja:Enhance Your Productivity with VS.NET & JustCode Chris Eargle
Scala Language Tour Craig Tataryn
WP7 - Creating a Data Driven App D`Arcy Lussier
TBA (WordPress Related) Dan Bernardic
WP7 Development Foundation D'Arcy Lussier
HTML5 for .NET Pros Dave Wesst
Turbocharge Your Manual Testing Process with VS 2010 Dylan Smith
Develop Visual Studio 2010 Extensions - Twitter Studio George Chen
Functionality Driven Development with Asp .Net MVC George Chen & Sean Bennett
Web Development for Mobile Devices Kelly Cassidy
Intro to Nmap Security Scanner Mak Kolybabi
My Personal Top 10 SQL Habits Good and Bad Mike Diehl
Stupid Mistakes Made By Smart People Ron Bowes
Intro to jQuery Stefan Penner
Taking Your WP7 Application to the Next Level with Tombstoning Tyler Doerksen
Coming Soon! Tyler Doerksen


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