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PDC 08 – Like anyone goes to keynotes in person anymore…

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 11:50 AM



So my PDC report for today (never did run into Eric Cote to do our report tonight)…

Today was a day of big announcements…but I didn’t see any of them. Mainly because I spent my day hanging with my tribe. Partially because I can view the keynotes at any time (I would be viewing it right now, but my hotel Internet is being stupid, so it’ll have to wait).

I can tell you that the tribe was in its full social mode and we had a great time. I caught up with Joey deVilla, the new DE in Canada, and also connected with some other folks. Spent most of the day working on blog posts and also on some hands on labs (will have more on the technology I played with in later web casts.

So for the day itself, not alot really to report. But the Universal party… (see next blog post).



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