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PDC 08 – ASP.NET Roadmap

Monday, October 27, 2008 5:17 PM

Went to the ASP.NET Roadmap session…nothing really earth shattering, but some good improvements coming with ASP.NET 4.0.

They’re focusing on four themes for the next version:
- Best platform for standards (HTML, CSS, Ajax)
- Great Line of Business Platform
- Support Pattern Based Dev (MVC)
- Re-Invest in the Core

So knowing that, what are some things we can expect? Here are some highlights:

Client ID’s will now be manageable by developers (you give a custom prefix, but an appendix will still be applied to ensure uniqueness…but still, your markup will look way better and easier to code with for Javascript based methods).

For CSS, they’d like to get rid of the need for CSS adapters for allowing devs to alter the markup coming from server controls. There was talk on a slide of deferring to CSS styles and bypass existing style implementations too.

There was the talk of URL routing in Web Forms, which we knew about already because the MVC components are bin deployable. 

One of the biggest and really great changes is with viewstate. No, Viewstate isn’t going away…but they will be implementing more of a “off by default, turn on what you need” mentality instead of the current “on by default", turn off what you don’t need” implementation.

The AJAX control toolkit will become a permanent member of ASP.NET, which is a logical next step.

Other than that, we saw demos about the MVC framework (I’m waiting for the next session to start up which is entirely on MVC), as well as Dynamic Data.

So some good info and some great new features coming.



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