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SoCal Code Camp: Agile Panel Session

Saturday, October 25, 2008 6:39 PM

In an agile panel discussion with Phil Scott, Denise Phillips, Paul Hodgetts, Ken Kolchier, and Scott Dunn. Great discussion and great questions…its a Q&A session with the audience, and the questions tend to be probing what Agile is, how it works, how to get started with it, what the benefits are, etc.

I asked the panel to provide their “cookbook” of processes they employ in their agile projects, and they came back with an interesting concept that I never really thought of:

Scrum is the starting point, not so much from a development point of view but from a project management point of view. Everyone gets used to the heartbeat of the project and the ideas of iterations, stand up meetings, etc.

Then within Scrum, you implement XP or whatever processes you want to have your developers use. One comment from the panel was that you can think of Scrum as a wrapper around (in this example) XP.

Interesting way to think about going agile though: Scrum isn’t enough, but its a good starting point from a managerial perspective.



# re: SoCal Code Camp: Agile Panel Session

Hi Darcy,
Glad you liked the panel discussion. I learned quite a bit myself. Phil, Paul, Ken and Denise have such deep and wide experience with agile. BTW, there's a SoCalCodeCamp group on LinkedIn if you want to stay connected with speakers and others you met there, as well as updated on the next Code Camp. Also, there's an agile user group in Orange County that Phil and Denise have gone to. http://aplnoc.blogspot.com. We're now planning on having panels there quarterly.
Cheers! - Scott

10/26/2008 6:14 PM | Scott Dunn

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