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MVP Summit - What Am I Hoping To Get Out Of It

Monday, April 14, 2008 10:54 AM

There's no denying that the MVP summit is a great time of socializing and partying...everyone gets together with their peer group and has a good time.

I'm hoping though that through this week there will also be some time to "get work done". I have some things I'd like to raise with other ASP.NET MVP's and also community leaders on a whole (most MVP's happen to be community champions).

How do we inject good coding practices for existing ASP.NET webform dev?

I was talking with someone after my TCCC presentation, and she made a valid point: "I didn't really get what unit testing had to do specifically with the MVC framework...I could do unit testing with web forms." She was exactly right, and yet there are legions out there that have assumed unit testing

a) Wasn't for web forms
b) Was the same thing as functional testing
c) Was something difficult and reserved for those tree hugging Alt.Net types

The reality is that we dropped the ball with evangelizing best practices for testing our code, web and otherwise, defaulting instead to the wonders that are the drag-and-drop mentality. That mentality is still pervasive: "Why do I need to bother with all this (perceived) extra work when I can just drag stuff on and let .NET wire it up?"

The MVC Framework will be a HUGE tool for us to develop web apps off of in the near future...but in the meantime, we still have a community of web developers who need to be guided and mentored in how to best architect and code their web applications.

So with all the buzz about MVC Framework, how do we still impact our community of web-form developers and improve their development skills?

Investing In Our Future

There's a huge decline in the number of students entering computer and science related fields within North America (Canada and the US). I'd love to have some dialogue on what sort of things we can do to improve this situation, what has worked well/not so well, and how we can leverage our Microsoft connection to increase the interest in our communities.

Should be a good summit!



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