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Dev Teach Day 3 - Jeff Palermo and MVP

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 5:12 AM

I was hoping for the ASP.NET Rich Client talk, but alas it was canceled...so I find myself in Jeff Palermo's session on MVC.

Jeff apparantly looks good in a suit (at least that's what Julie says...).

Hmm..."Things you'll lose with MVC: Viewstate, Postbacks". That's attractive...

Jeff just gave Justice a plug...these guys are true blood BFF.

So with the new MVC framework, your controls can still be bound on the form for rendering...you don't need to use the viewstate or postback events for it though.

There's a new page object called ViewPage that is used.

Code behind is still there to show that the page inherits from something different (its easier, because otherwise you'd have to write it into your actual aspx file...which is actually what Jeff does...but its your choice).

URL is crafted to point your submit to the correct controller in your application.

Question was raised about implementing paging (like a grid with a million records)...the thing that will be tough is that you need to break the typical idea of a web application. MVC is interested in rendering the view, but the server side functionality is the responsibility of the controller. So the only "view" portion that cares about paging is rendering the links to enabled functionality like paging.

This does seem much cleaner actually...more to the point, it really plays into the agile way of thinking, where you don't take on an "epic" piece all at once, but break it all down into features and tackle it one at a time...small bites...My first knee-jerk reaction was: well, how do you implement a page with 5 tabs and multiple user controls, and...but that's not the point...the point is to go back to the basics of web development and make things simpler (not necessarily easier, but simpler...remember the definition from Jeremy Miller).

Things to research: Windsor Container or Spring.NET.

This was a great intro to the MVC framework and how it works. I think that there's still a lot of questions about it, and this in no way will negate the existing web form implementation in ASP.NET currently. But it does offer an interesting alternative...

I'm glad I came to this presentation actually...definately worthwhile.



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I will run away from Web Forms as fast as I can. 11/28/2007 6:44 AM | Jeffrey Palermo

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