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Tuesday, November 27, 2007 6:41 PM

Vancouver is an interesting city...different from the other larger cities that I've ever been to.

It's got the vitality and life of Montreal, but with the industrialized atmosphere of Seattle. The high-rises all look like they're unfinished, but they are...they just have a very rough, Terminator-2-ish sort of feel to them...it's definately unique.

I read Mathew Good's blog quite a bit, which is mostly his commentary on social issues in the world today, and he talks about Vancouver (where he lives) and the struggles of poverty. Every city will have those affected by poverty though, and Vancouver's just seem a bit more in-your-face than those that live in, say, Montreal.

The other night we went out and had one guy accost us for money, screaming for God not to forsake him. When one of us mentioned we were developers he starting ranting about Linux and HTML...how he knew about it, I have no idea; maybe another example of how close we all truly are from being out on the streets ourselves.

I honestly don't know how there can be people living in poverty when the biggest industry in the city seems to be Starbucks, and I'm sure they're hiring all the time. I kid you not, these things are EVERYWHERE...I don't remember seeing this many when I was in Seattle a few years back.

Ok, time for bed. Have a huge day tomorrow (breakfast at 6:45 and a full day of sessions).



# re: Random Ramblings at 12:35 AM CST/10:35 PST

Did you find the poverty in Van more glaring than that of Winnipeg?!? We have stayed downtown and shopped downtown many times in Van and have never been accosted for $; the people in need there seem to hang out in E. Hastings and not really venture into the "metro" parts of the core. That said, I can definitely say that my brief time in the Peg was marked by many instances of people asking for money, day and night, and found it to be far more glaring and apparent than in Edmonton or Van. 11/28/2007 4:13 AM | Mrs Loquacious

# re: Random Ramblings at 12:35 AM CST/10:35 PST

Um...I find the poverty is more maddening, because the people who are asking us for money have normal clothes that homeless in Winnipeg could never afford.

If you've *never* been accosted for money in downtown, then I guess things have taken drastic changes since you were here.

We've been accosted many, many times...and there are people just standing on the street holding cups looking for money.

D 11/28/2007 4:22 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Random Ramblings at 12:35 AM CST/10:35 PST

They guy who asked you for money used to be a .NET developer that switched to Linux and JSP :P He lost his job and now asking for pennies in the streeet. Just kidding.

Poverty is everywhere. I live in San Diego, CA and I see people beg for money everyday on the streets.. I see them in downtown and even on the exit i take on the freeway. I hope the economy gets better so that lesser people go into poverty. 11/28/2007 7:26 AM | Keith Rull

# re: Random Ramblings at 12:35 AM CST/10:35 PST

Winnipeg can be pretty bad, but usually (at least from what I remember) only in the summer, and even then they'd settle for just looking at you or a quick ask. Van (and San Fransisco) seems to gather more -- I remember hearing that it was because it was the end of the train line... As Keith says, I hope the economies improve...

On Starbucks and Vancouver, it is the home to the end of the world -- two Starbucks facing one another on Robson. 11/28/2007 11:15 AM | Kent Sharkey

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