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Dev Teach - Day 0

Sunday, November 25, 2007 8:14 PM

Today was travel day to Vancouver for Dev Teach. It started out pretty rough. After our plane was de-iced it was discovered that the computers weren't downloading information properly...so the plane had to be rebooted. Well, the computers did...but to do that, you had to restart the plane.

So back to the terminal we went...approx an hour later, we were airborne.

We got in to Vancouver at perfect timing actually. Donald Belcham was going to meet us there, and our delay put us at the same arrival time as him. We took a limo (interesting note: limo rides tend to be only 10 - 15 dollars more than a regular cab, and with better legroom) to the hotel. Why do limo drivers have to be so slimy? This guy just wanted to tell us where the good strip clubs were...which instantly made me wonder when the last time the interior seats had been cleaned.

We got to our hotel, and its a fantastic building. Although here in 2007, no hotels should be charging for internet and it should all be wireless. But still, nice digs.

Then it was out for the first night of beers and watching the Grey Cup, where the SK Rough Riders were victorious over the Sad Sack Bombers!!!

Anyway, I'm fading...need to be up early...more Dev Teach goodness to come.



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