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Football Season is Upon Us!

Thursday, June 28, 2007 3:01 AM

Well, for us Canadians anyway. The CFL kicks off its regular season today with a double header of love. I've thankfully survived the short purgatory that occurs between the end of the NHL season and the beginning of the CFL season, and its time to start hating on the home team!

Here are my week one predictions:

Toronto over BC
Yeah, most people would be thinking that BC is going to come out on top, but Toronto looked good in their pre-season matches against Montreal, and I think that the extra competition that's ongoing for the starting QB spot will push their offensive game.

Winnipeg over Edmonton
I'm not picking Winnipeg to go all the way this year, but they had better be able to defeat what's become the laughing stock of the CFL (yeah, I'd take Hamilton over Edmonton at this point). This one will be ugly, and since my Als are in the east I'm hoping deep down that Edmonton pulls out the fluke...but in this contest its gonna be who plays the least worst.

Als over Sask
Sask is going to be horrible this year...new coach, Shivers leaving the organization, losing a tonne of their talen, etc. Als will take this one easily.

Calgary over Hamilton
This game will show us whether all the changes in Hamilton made a lick of difference at all over the past few years where they've been beyond horrible. I have a good feeling about Hamilton this year, and I'd like to see them actually break .500 for once. Calgary will be tough though...tougher than a pre-season Bomber team. I don't know that Hamilton will win this one, but we'll know whether they're going to be a boom or bust team from the performance.

Enjoy the games!



# re: Football Season is Upon Us!

I saw the Bombers come into the airport yesterday and I can tell you they are going to win because they all ordered Booster Juice.

They prevented Catherine from getting her Booster Juice before the shuttle came so the Bombers may have a couple of mysterious pre-game injuries though. 6/28/2007 5:19 AM | Steven

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