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ShaprBox version 1.0.2 is out and contains some requested community features, changes and a bunch of bugfixes as well. Many thanks to all people who reported issues and feature requests from their projects. Special thanks to Yury who helped out to find the right solution for our performance issues in the GetFolder-API. You will find the new version of SharpBox on the project website at codeplex:

The following list gives you a brief overview about the changes we did:

  • Feature - Token Based Login - Issue: 14422
  • Change - Exception Based Error Handling - Issue: 14413
  • Change - CreateFolder returns the existing folder when the target exists and can't be created - Issue: 14453
  • Change - Decreased the amount of calls which are needed getting access to a specific folder
  • Change - UploadFile returns a reference to the uploaded file system entry without an extra call - Issue: 14567
  • Fix - The mulitpart form upload for DropBox added a single line at the end of every file - Issue: 14454
  • Fix - GetFolder API compares the given folder path case sensitive - Issue: 14488
  • Fix - URL encoding issue during download files with "," in the name
  • Fix - Adjusted the name of oAuth-Lib in Visual Studio 2010 build

We are proud to announce the token based login feature which makes the API compliant to the Dropbox developer agreement. Using this feature instead of credential based login will be the preferred way in the future.

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Great work! This is an incredibly useful library. Thanks to everyone involved in making SharpBox go.
Left by Ryan on Nov 03, 2010 3:17 PM

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