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June 2015 Entries

Connect to Salesforce Data as a Linked Server
Use the TDS Remoting feature of the ODBC Driver to set up a linked server for Salesforce data.You can use the TDS Remoting feature to set up a linked server for Salesforce data. After you have started the daemon, you can use the UI in SQL Server Management Studio or call stored procedures to create the linked server. You can then work with Salesforce data just as you would a a linked SQL Server instance.Configure the DSNIf you have not already done so, specify connection properties in a DSN (data ......

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How to Access Data from a SharePoint List Based on a Custom View
The CData ADO.NET Providers for SharePoint you to integrate live SharePoint data with other applications. For example, Visual Studio provides built-in support for ADO.NET data sources. This article shows how to use Server Explorer in Visual Studio to access the data screened by a SharePoint custom view.Implementing Access Control with a Database QueryThe CData ADO.NET provider's data model exposes each SharePoint list as a separate table; all custom views are available by querying the Views table. ......

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Connect to Nonstandard OData Services
The CData ADO.NET Provider for OData enables you to expose Web services as a fully managed ADO.NET data source. It allows you to access almost any OData service from native ADO.NET tools. You can follow the procedure below to access OData sources that do not conform exactly to the OData protocol. This article will add support for the Microsoft Research service, which does not implement some common functionality, including support for retrieving metadata.Define a Custom Schema FileThe CData providers ......

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Lightning Connect to NetSuite External Objects
Salesforce Lightning Connect enables Salesforce users to connect to data from OData sources from Salesforce in the same way that users interact with standard Salesforce objects. Through Lightning Connect, Salesforce customers can build real-time analysis from within their Salesforce dashboard and other Salesforce1 apps. In this article we are going to show you how you can enable bi-directional connectivity between NetSuite CRM and ERP data from Salesforce using the Cloud Drivers from CData Software ......

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Connect SharePoint to SQL Server through SSIS
Using SQL Server as a backup for critical business data provides an essential safety net against loss. In addition, backing up data to SQL Server enables business users to more easily connect that data with features like reporting, full-text search, analytics, and more.This example demonstrates how to use the SharePoint ADO.NET Data Provider inside of a SQL Server SSIS workflow to transfer data directly from SharePoint and/or SharePoint Online into a Microsoft SQL Server database. The exact same ......

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Replicate PreEmptive Analytics Data from PowerShell
Write a quick PowerShell script to query PreEmptive Analytics data. Use connectivity to the live data to replicate PreEmptive Analytics data to SQL Server.The CData ODBC Driver for PreEmptive Analytics enables out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft's built-in support for ODBC. The ODBC driver instantly integrates connectivity to the real PreEmptive Analytics data with PowerShell.You can use the .NET Framework Provider for ODBC built into PowerShell to quickly automate integration tasks like replicating ......

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Connect to and Query Eloqua Data in QlikView over ODBC
Create data visualizations with Eloqua data in QlikView.The CData ODBC drivers expand your ability to work with data from a wide variety of data sources. This article outlines simple steps to connect to Eloqua data and create data visualizations in QlikView.Populate a Chart with Eloqua DataThe steps below supply the results of an SQL query to a visualization in QlikView. In this article, you will create a bar chart with the query below:view sourceSELECT Name, ActualCost FROM CampaignIf you have not ......

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Use Crystal Reports to create reports with Salesforce data
Crystal Reports provides built-in support for the JDBC standard. The CData JDBC Driver for Salesforce enables you to use the Report Wizard and other tools to access Salesforce data in Crystal Reports. This article shows how to create a simple report that features Salesforce data.Install the JDBC DriverInstall the CData JDBC Driver for Salesforce by including the driver JAR in the Crystal Reports classpath: Set the DataDriverCommon element in the CRConfig.xml file to the path to the JAR.The CRConfig.xml ......

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LINQ to QuickBooks Data

LINQ provides general-purpose query facilities in .NET Framework 3.0 and above and provides one easy way to programmatically access data through from CData Data Providers for ADO.NET. This example uses LINQ to access information from the QuickBooks Data Provider.

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Design a Custom SAP Function Module to Circumvent RFC_READ_TABLE Limitations

While the SAP SDK provides the RFC_READ_TABLE for accessing data from SAP tables, using it to select data is limited to 512 bytes at a time so you may not be able to retrieve all columns. You can resolve this limitation by defining a custom function module that will allow you to select any result set you need.

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Access QuickBooks Online Data in SharePoint External Lists
Provide your QuickBooks Online data to SharePoint users as an external list.You can use the CData Cloud Driver for QuickBooks Online to give your users the capabilities to access and update QuickBooks Online data in SharePoint. This article shows how to create an external list of QuickBooks Online data that is always up to date. You will use an external content type as a template to create the external list. The external content type enables connectivity over Web services, the protocol that the cloud ......

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Lightning Connect to SQLite External Objects
Use the CData Cloud Driver for SQLite to securely provide OData feeds of SQLite data to smart devices and cloud-based applications. Use the cloud driver with Salesforce Lightning Connect to create SQLite objects that you can access from apps and the dashboard.The CData Cloud Driver for SQLite enables you to access SQLite data from cloud-based applications like the Salesforce console and mobile applications like the Salesforce1 Mobile App. In this article, you will use the cloud driver and Salesforce ......

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