DAX Studio 2.4.1 Released

The next version of DAX Studio has just been released. You can download this release and read the release notes here

Some of the highlights of this release are:

Toggle Delimiters

A toggle delimiter feature has been added to switch between regional settings styles (commas vs semi-colons). Currently queries still need to be executed using the "US" style comma delimiters, but if you have expressions using semi-colon delimiters then you can easily switch back and forth. This can also be handy if you find an example expression online that is using different delimiters than what you have in your model.


this will swap between using comma delimiters


and semi-colon style delimiters


Intellisense Improvements

Added a Function Insight tooltip to intellisense which willl appear after the opening bracket for a function that will show the parameters for a function as well as it's description


The loading and caching of intellisense data has also been vastly improved. The slightly delay when starting to type a query against a large model should be gone and you should also not see issues when trying to edit a query in a window that is currently executing a query.

Print | posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 6:37 AM