BIDSHelper v1.1 released

What!? I hear you say, where did 1.0 go? Did I miss it?

No, unfortunately some of the version numbers got out of synch in the initial release. The .Addin file was reporting 0.9, but the assembly was reporting 1.0.x.x so the only way to get the versioning back in order and get the install script working (an earlier version will not overwrite a later one) was to jump to v1.1.

I fixed issue in the DeployMDXScript feature of BIDSHelper in that deploying the script in this manner does not build the SSAS project which means that if you are using the Deployment Wizard you can end up deploying an out date MDX Script. So now the code that kicks off an asynchronous build on a background thread which means it is just as fast as it always has been and there are no issues with using the deployment wizard.

I have also stepped up the error checking a level. The DeployMDXScript now does the following:

  1. takes a back up of the current script
  2. checks if the script can be parsed
  3. deploys the new version
  4. runs a simple MDX statement (SELECT {measures.item(0)} FROM <Cube>)
  5. if there are any errors it re-deploys the backed up script

 Running a simple MDX query forces the server to evaluate the full script. This means that any errors that would parse correctly like misspelling a member name can be picked up very quickly and rolled back. The standard deploy only reports this type of error after doing a process operation.

We have also fixed some layout issues with the Attribute Lattice and the Dimension Health Check.

We hope to keep this project fairly "agile" pushing out new releases as new features are completed. If you want to be notified of new releases you can subscribe to the RSS feed: New and updated releases

Print | posted on Monday, May 28, 2007 10:33 PM