April 2007 Entries

SSAS: ProcessUpdate - Too much of a good thing
I came across something interesting on the Analysis Services MSDN Forum a little while ago - this post has been on my todo list for a while :). When processing a large dimension (10 million+ members) the following error was encountered. File system error: A FileStore error from WriteFile occurred. Physical file: .... At first it sounded like some sort of data corruption which was what someone else suggested and the proposed resolution of re-deploying and fully re-processing would have corrected the ......

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SSAS: Processing, ForceCommitTimeout and "the operation has been cancelled"
Here is something interesting that came up a newsgroup thread a little while ago, that I though merited some more explanation. Have you ever seen "the operation has been cancelled" errors from a long running query (one that takes more than 30 seconds) while a cube or partition is being processed? What you may be seeing is a "by design" behaviour, where a pending commit lock will cancel long running queries that are blocking it from completing. There is a property that can be set at both the server ......

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SSAS: .Net Stored Procedure - Best Practices
If you are into writing stored procedures for SSAS, then you owe it to yourself to checkout Mosha's latest post on Best Practices for ADOMD.NET stored procedures, it covers some really interesting stuff including things like preferring enumerators over iterators which can have a significant impact on performance ......

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PerformancePoint 2007 CTP 2 Released for download
If you are on the CTP program for PerformancePoint 2007 then you probably got the email about this already, but if you have been hanging off looking at PerformancePoint 2007 then CTP2 has just been released for download from Microsoft Connect https://connect.microsoft.c... Even if you are not interested in actually running the CTP, but just want to find out a bit more about Performance Point 2007, then it is still worth joining the CTP program as there are also training materials including ......

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Another Aussie SQL MVP

Congratulations to Peter Ward who has just been awarded as an MVP in SQL Server, that takes us to 6 SQL Server MVP's in Australia.

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