December 2006 Entries

New Book - Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
Amazon has kindly let me know that, based on some of my previous purchases (notice the classic use of data mining here?), I might be interested in Edward Melomed's soon to be released book Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Edward is a program manager on the development team at Microsoft and he and a few of the other co-authors joined Microsoft as part of Microsoft's aquisition of OLAP Services from Panorama back in the SQL Server 7.0 timeframe, so hopefully this book should have a few insights ......

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SSAS: Overriding Built-in functions
A few of us that worked on the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project were having a discussion on email the other day and the issue of trying to override some of the built-in functions with a different implementation came up. (specifically some of the Excel functions) My first attempt at this was to register an assembly at the server level with a name of "Excel", thinking that when you called "Excel.Round(...)" it might call my assembly instead of the ......

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New Book coming on Business Scorecard Manager
Nick Barclay announced the other day that he and Adrian Downes have been writing a book! The Rational Guide to Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 is due out in the mid January 2007 timeframe. It sounds like it should be a good read, and will even include a chapter on some of the upcoming improvements to scorecarding in PerformancePoint Server (which BSM will become a part of in mid to late 2007). Congratulations Nick, from all accounts writing a technical book of this nature is no easy ......

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