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In case you missed it, the Windows Phone Hackathon was last night. TechEd attendees and community folks from around Atlanta showed up to get some free training on Windows Phone development (Silverlight, XNA, Azure) and have some Q&A with various subject matter experts (and free help with their projects.)

We had a really good turnout, with most people in the Silverlight room learning about making apps. We had a few folks in the XNA room, some who were brand new to XNA and others who were already well into a project (or two.)

Part of the night was dedicated to training and Q&A but there was also a lot of hardware being given out to people who had ideas to pitch (or a project in-progress) and were willing to commit to getting them into the marketplace by the end of June.

Unfortunately, there was one snag… Microsoft showed up with 30 phones to give out and 15 of them walked out the door sometime within the first hour of the event. Way to show your support for the developer community, asshole. I know they probably won’t catch you, but you deserve to get your ass kicked by karma. (update: this goes beyond stealing. This is a tremendous Fuck You to the people that were there, working on apps and contributing their time and energy to the community.)

That one problem aside, the other 15 phones were all given out, and more phones will be heading out to the deserving people who weren’t able to get one that night.

Listening to the attendees pitch their ideas to Microsoft was actually one of my favorite parts of the night (aside from hearing myself talk, of course) because you could really see the passion people were putting into their projects and honestly there were some incredibly cool ideas for apps and games (including one game in particular that is also headed to XBLIG and DBP that I can’t wait to play.)

It was a long day that ended in a very late night (the event went nearly to midnight) and I’m beat, but I’m really glad I was there. Even though I didn’t pitch any ideas myself (I already have hardware and this wasn’t the venue for XBLA type pitches), I feel totally inspired by the energy and creativity.

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