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Well, my Hawaii trip is just about over. Feels like I just got here.

The Hawaii .NET User Group that I spoke at last night was a really great bunch. The room was packed and people were standing at the entrance. Someone even told me it was some of the highest attendance in the groups 5 year history.

The talk went really well. I covered some of the more popular Social Networking sites and discussed the various types of sites for the first part of the talk, and then spent the second half discussing the Twitter API and building a Twitter client app in VB.NET.

There were lots of terrific questions, mostly about the Twitter API and how this sort of thing could be leveraged in a line of business app. Everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic, and we even had a handful of High School students and a former Miss Hawaii at the meeting. Social Networking and Social Media is quite a hot topic.

The User Group started at 6pm Hawaii time (that's 11pm Minnesota time) so by the time I was done, I was pretty tired so I crashed almost immediately after getting back to my hotel, grabbing some dinner* and heading up to my room.

*dinner = onion rings and tartar sauce!! It's so much better than it sounds, trust me.

I did some shopping today, picked up a few really awesome Hawaiian shirts, grabbed some lunch, some macadamias, postcards and other touristy crap. :) Now I'm just chilling in the local $* waiting for my ride to the airport.

This was a great trip and I would love to come back again sometime. (It's funny, I've known people all my life who have been to Hawaii and talked constantly about how they couldn't wait to go back... and I was like "yeah sure, whatever" ...but now that I've been here, I get it. This place totally rocks.

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2009 5:59 PM | Back to top

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