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2009, Day 16 (Friday):  Friday night was Poker Night. User Group Hell Week was over and it was time to relax and play some Poker with a bunch of my Twitter Friends. @Jolson, @BigNickOlson, @JasonBock, @DonnFelker, myself and a couple of non-Twitter folks got together at my house for some Texas Holdem.  Had a great time, and even managed to win a little money too.

2009, Day 17 (Saturday):  Took Jason to the airport (it was snowing) and headed home to catch up on some work and get ready for the Magenic Holiday Party that night.  This is one of the many things I really love about Magenic. Every year after the holiday madness and chaos is over, they get the National and Minneapolis branch together and throw a hell of a party.  We played blackjack just about all night, won some great prizes ($100 Target Card and a nice Gas Grill) and hung out with all my coworkers and friends.  Unfortunately, the gas grill was too big to fit in my jeep, so Rocky was nice enough to haul it home (to his house) and I picked up it up the next day, which brings me to Day 18...

2009, Day 18 (Sunday):  SInce Jason Bock had left the party early, he wasn't there to claim his big prize, so I grabbed it and after a few IMs we agreed to meet up at Rocky's so I could give him his stuff and also get my grill.  While we were there, we played a game of To Court The King and hung out for a bit. (Great game, btw... if you haven't tried it then you really should.)

After leaving Rocky's I made a pitstop over by MicroCenter (again, yes I know) and picked up a cheap refurb Dell machine to turn into a Windows Home Server. Got home, watched some tv, did some stuff around the house and crashed early since I was expecting to drive to SD Monday morning. Didn't get around to messing with the Dell. Posted on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 3:57 PM | Back to top

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