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How would you like to win a prize that doesn't suck? A really big, expensive prize...

I mean it. This prize doesn't suck at all. In fact, it's the opposite of suck. This prize rocks. Totally rocks. I've got a 1 Year MSDN Premium Subscription sitting on my desk, staring at me... just daring me to give it away. (I actually have more than one of them, cause that's how I roll, but I'm only giving one away right now.)


Take a moment, catch your breath... yes it's true. I am giving you a magnificent* gift and I ask for little, so very very little, in return. I ask only for a sign.

I can hear you now...  "a sign, you say? What kind of sign? a stop sign? a slippery when wet sign? a peace sign?"

No. Nothing like that. Something far less illegal, and far more interesting. I want you to make a Blogus Maximus fansign. The more creative, the better. Bonus points if you're in the picture somehow. Double bonus points if someone famous is too.


Put it on a tshirt, re-arrange the sign letters at your local McDonalds, dye it in Alpaca fur, tattoo it on your rump, spray paint it on a nun**, or get really creative and do something totally unexpected. Just keep it clean and (mostly) legal. I'm not bailing anyone out of jail... although you might be able to trade your prize for cigarettes if you win.


Here are a few examples of what my creative friends have come up with in the past:

blogusmaximus    image 

Once I get some entries, I'll post the best and contact the winner. (So yeah, send me contact info with your submission.)

update: the entries are rolling in. Here's one I really enjoyed:


See if you can spot the guy who sent this...

*when I say this is a magnificent gift, I'm not screwing around... this sucker is worth about $10k.

Oh, and seriously, I'm not responsible for anything other than handing over a prize. Stay out of jail. Jail sucks.
**Spray painting a nun could result in eternal damnation, but a pic of YOU spray painting said nun, well that would be a potential winner.

Posted on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 8:05 PM General Interest | Back to top

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