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In case you haven't had enough of yarn-ball videos, exploding Mentos, bad folk music, and amateur soft porn, YouTube says it will now be spreading it further into the world.

Following the successful Facebook model, YouTube is providing APIs that allow developers to build small applications or "widgets" that would embed YouTube just about anywhere on the Web. The company says using the APIs, users will be able to (I am quoting form the YouTube Website):

  • Upload videos and video responses to YouTube
  • Add/Edit user and video metadata (titles, descriptions, ratings, comments, favorites, contacts, etc.)
  • Fetch localized standard feeds (most viewed, top rated, etc.) for 18 international locales
  • Perform custom queries optimized for 18 international locales
  • Customize player UI and control video playback (pause, play, stop, etc.) through software
Several companies are already using these APIs. YouTube points out that the early adopters include Electronic Arts, which allows users to post game-based videos; The University of California at Berkeley, which will use it to upload educational content; and Animoto, which enables the uploading of music video content.

Of course, this news is all over the Web. To read what other people have said check out:

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 11:15 AM General Interest | Back to top

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