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I haven't been this sad since Johnny Cash died.  I think I listened to Hurt about 50 times that day. I think maybe an all day classic D&D session might be in order. This sucks.  I met Dave Arneson, and always wanted to meet Gary Gygax. Now I'll have to wait a while longer.

The publisher of D&D co-founder Gary Gygax, Troll Lord games, reports that Mr. Gygax died today in his home at age 69. For more information, go to:

Ernest Gary Gygax, one of the most influential figures in gaming, died early this morning at his home in Lake Geneva, Wis. Gygax was 69. The earliest report appeared on his publisher, Troll Lord Games', forum.

Born July 27, 1938, Gygax is best-known as the co-creator of the seminal role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons with Dave Arneson. Beginning his career in the 1960s, Gygax wrote and had published more than 80 games, game products, and books. He founded the Gen Con gaming convention, which began as a gathering of wargames enthusiasts at the Gygax home in 1967, and co-founded games publisher TSR, Inc. (originally Tactical Studies Rules) in 1973.

Often known as the "father of role-playing," Gygax co-created the Chainmail miniatures rules which led to the development of Dungeons & Dragons. He also wrote or co-wrote, among many other games and game supplements, the World of Greyhawk fantasy campaign setting, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Gamma World, Boot Hill and other role-playing games. He authored several novels and was the co-producer of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon show for television.

Gygax had previously suffered from strokes and a near-heart attack; no cause of death has been officially announced as yet.

All my heroes are dying, one by one. I met Arneson and he was a terrific guy. I always wanted to meet Gygax but never had the opportunity. I guess now I'll have to wait even longer.  This is a very sad day.

D&D gave me an outlet as a child, and I've managed to prop that door open for the last 29 years. Here's to the next 29.

(edit: A fitting tribute:

(edit: and if you still don't get it...  read this too... Posted on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 1:21 PM General Interest | Back to top

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Moment of Geek Silence is in order.

(rolls for a constitution check)
Left by Maryanne Sweat on Mar 04, 2008 1:23 PM

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