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I got through Groundhog Day without a bunch of repeats.

As it turns out... that wouldn't have been such a bad thing. Yesterday was FANTASTIC!!

After I finally got back to Greenville, I caught a quick powernap, a much needed shower and I was off to Reality Check. The weather wasn't enough to hinder the day's activities and we had a steady stream of people coming in.

It was also release day for Planar Chaos, the latest set from Magic the Gathering. Our UPS guy showed up around lunch time with 7 large boxes of gaming goodness. It was about a $2500 order and we were concerned it wouldn't get here in time. (UPS didn't run on Thursday due to "weather.")

After cracking open all the boxes and getting everything on the shelves, people started showing up for the Planar Chaos release tournament. We did a sealed tournament (1 competition deck and 2 boosters) at $20 per person. We had 22 people signed up, so we got started on that just as the WoW folks came rolling in.

We had 8 people for World of Warcraft, which was a decent showing. We got them situated in the main room (rooms 1 and 2 were completely full of MtG folks) and the (5) D&D guys came rolling in and grabbed the video lounge for their game. By the time you add our staff and a few people just hanging out, we were over 42 people in the shop at one time.

It was a bit crazy, but everything flowed well and there weren't any problems. We took in enough to cover our entire order and then some. It was literally the best single day we've had since opening. (There was that one day, with the 65 cases of War of the Dragon Queen, but we weren't officially open yet, so that doesn't count.)

After some of the crowd thinned a bit, Doc and Alan and a few of us played three very LOUD games of Pirate's Dice (aka Liars Dice) and had a great time slamming our cups on the table and shouting at each other.

As usual for a Friday, I got out of here about 3AM and went home to die for a few hours before coming back this morning in time to run the YuGiOh! tournament.

Tonight is the Vampire LARP and the Upstate Boardgamers weekly get together and the usual chaos. Even if we didn't sell anything today, it would still be a good weekend. As it is though, Saturday is looking pretty awesome already... Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2007 4:18 PM General Interest | Back to top

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# re: I survived Groundhog Day and didnt see my shadow.
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We tried making it but Kim has a really serious cough. We started out but then had to turn around. I can't describe how *seriously bummed* I am about missing this. Next LARP, I"m there (I even went out earlier today and bought a new 2GB card for my new Camera and got DVD's for Kim's DVD camera)
Left by Bill on Feb 03, 2007 8:46 PM

# re: I survived Groundhog Day and didnt see my shadow.
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Ok, so you have to forgive me for one stupid question - but what is World of Warcraft? Is it video game and board game? Is this the thing that people have "raids" with - a la "Wands don't kill people Wizards kill people?" (Or did I get that backward)
Left by Bill on Feb 03, 2007 8:48 PM

# re: I survived Groundhog Day and didnt see my shadow.

# re: I survived Groundhog Day and didnt see my shadow.

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