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Somewhere around day 3-4 of using phpBB I noticed a peculiar behavior where whenever I tried to access the Admin Panel, I was unable to do so. I was continually getting prompted to log back in, and never reaching the Admin Panel.

This also began to affect my general use of the board. For whatever reason, I was unable to stay logged in.

So I hit the phpBB support boards and it they recommended DLing a special script to run (once) on my site and delete. This was sure to cure all my problems. I'm sure you can guess how that turned out.

Sorry, it's not fair to tease you like that. My phpBB install did NOT blow up. My database didn't melt. Nothing got worse. This phpBB is some remarkably solid stuff. Apparently impervious to all but the hardiest breed of moron. No matter what I did, I was unable to "accidently" frak it up.

So if running the script didn't make thing worse, and I didn't make it worse, what's the point of this post?

Well, sadly, running the script didn't make anything better either. Not at all. So much for the silver lining, eh? So the system is still misbehaving, I've run the script, cleaned out my cookies, deleted temporary files, reuploaded certain key files and NONE of it did any good.

By now, I'm sure those of you who have gotten the full Chris Williams Experience in person are chuckling. I was getting pissed. I was also getting worried. People were already using the forums. My business needs the forums. I didn't want to trash them, or wipe the database or any other scary notions, so I... uhh... hang on.... People. Are. Using. The Forums...

As I sat there, staring at the forums, unable to so much as login... I saw new messages appearing. I had anonymous turned off, so these people were registered users. These were people logging into MY forums. Ok, so I could NOT do it, but they could. So... maybe it's not the forums. Maybe it's me, or my hardware, at least?

I went to another machine, hit the forums, logged in. Replied to a message. ok, that works. What's different?

10-15 minutes of troubleshooting this and that...

Apparently phpBB does not like GWA (Google Web Accelerator) at all. Disabling it on my tablet fixed the problem immediately. FWIW, this is not the first app I've run into that had issues with GWA. It's neat seeing that I've saved 5.4 hours of surfing time in the last 5 months, but I haven't really noticed a performance boost overall and as I said, I've had to disable it for work reasons occasionally.

I get a kick out of all the various gadgetry and doodadery that Google comes up with. Some of them (Gmail and Gtalk spring to mind) have truly become indispensable in my day to day life, but GWA is not one of those.

So, if we follow the Three Strikes, You're Out! rule, it looks like GWA is a goner. Posted on Sunday, December 17, 2006 4:05 PM General Interest | Back to top

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I too had problems with GWA on many web apps. It seemed like GWA would follow all links on a page to cache ahead of time your browsing. The problem was that it followed "logout" links and in some cases destructive links, where a link performs a GET action to delete entries from a list or posts from a forum, etc. Seemed like it could have been very dangerous.
Left by solid on Dec 18, 2006 1:47 PM

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