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We had a pretty good weekend at the shop.

I pulled a 42 hour no-sleepathon that started at 5:30am Friday morning in Alabama and ended last night (this morning?) at about 12:30 am. All things considered I feel a lot better than I probably should.

I'm at the airport now, on my way to Minnesota. I did the usual self-checkin at the airport, checking 1 bag, carrying on the laptop. As I'm standing there waiting for the lady to take and tag my bag, I'm hoping that this plane will be a little bigger than the sardine can I'm usually on every week to TX.

While I'm deluding myself, I glance down to the see the guy next to me is apparently heading to Minnesota too... then I notice his name is similar to mine. That's odd... hey wait... that's my name. on his bag. The check-in lady put my tag on his luggage. not good.

So... in as polite a manner as I could possibly hope to manage, I pointed this out to her. I really was nice about it, but this American Airlines after all, so there are only so many screwups a person can handle from the same source before the cracks start to show. Anyway, I point it out to her and her response is... "ugh! we would have figured it out eventually!!"

While I was impressed by her grace and tact, and a desire to see my luggage again in 5 hours, I decided not to press the issue.

Like most of us, the best conversations occur in my head, a few moments (or sometimes days) later... they went like this: "So, how exactly would you have figured it out? Would it be when I get to my destination and find out my luggage is 14 states away? Or... would it be when I get home, 4 days from now? Upon figuring it out, would you actually do anything about fixing it?"

I guess we'll see what happens when I get there, which may be a while since apparently my flight is late... again. Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2006 9:27 AM General Interest | Back to top

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