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No matter which side you're on, Somasegar's blog post on renaming WinFX to .NET Framework 3.0 has got people talking.  I scrolled through about half of the 360+ comments on this entry, and while most people are pretty unhappy about the name change, not everyone is unhappy for the same reason.

Some folks (myself included) felt that WinFX was a great name already, and that Microsoft has a habit of using really cool sounding names for Code Names only to replace them with remarkably dull sounding product names. (I miss the days of Avalon, Longhorn, Orcas, etc...  Anyone remember Cairo?)

Other folks felt that mixing CLR 2.0 (among other things) with .NET Framework 3.0 would just cause endless confusion for the poor developers. Ok, I agree that it's an odd choice, and likely to cause some confusion, but is it the end of the world?  No, of course not... although it does give us another reason to shake our heads disapprovingly at Microsoft Marketing (and who doesn't enjoy that from time to time?)  Just remember, MS Marketing is also responsible for one of the coolest Visual Studio ads EVER!!

Still others felt that everyone was just being a bunch of whiny babies about the whole thing, and for the love of god, we're developers...we write code for a living. Surely we can learn to ignore silly marketing issues and pay attention to the real issue which is that none of our 2.0 code will break under .NET 3.0 because (ultimately) it's still the 2.0 CLR!!  Ya know... marketing madness aside, having code that doesn't break between versions... not such a bad thing. But of course, that's not saying much if you aren't actually changing the runtime, now is it?

As for where I stand?  Well... I guess there's some truth in all three camps. (There may have been more camps but I stopped reading after the 180th comment...)  Personally, I think they should have named it .NET 2.0 FX or .NET 2.1 or something like that and left .NET 3.0 for the next major release when we actually expect to see C# 3.0 and CLR 3.0, etc....  but I can live with it.


Posted on Monday, June 19, 2006 1:02 PM General Interest | Back to top

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