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Spent the morning hustling for INETA... had a good time.

It's funny, you can tell the difference in who controls the various groups. INETA is run by developers, CodeZone is run by marketing. While we definitely had more personality at our booth, the CodeZone team hired the Tech*Ed equivalent of (I'll be nice) *exotic dancers* to pass out CodeZone flyers. I feel the dark side calling me... it's scary.

Planning on hitting lots of cool sessions this afternoon including a MSDN focus group. That should be cool.

Also met some more amazing people today. Finally met Betsy Aoki (the tater tot queen of MSDN) in person, along with some of the MVP guys and various other influentials at MS. It's amazing how many folks remember me or know me... or else they can read my badge REALLY fast... not sure which.

Still I'm having fun, and now it's time to go learn something so my employer will let me come back next year.  :)

See y'all...

Posted on Monday, June 6, 2005 1:13 PM General Interest | Back to top

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