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27 days to go

spent most of the weekend working on HA! on and off. I have a reasonable list of bugs/issues and subsystems I want to complete in order to push out the 0.1.6 release. I have given myself a deadline of April 30. I can do it.

I have a LOT of stuff going on over the next month, but if I focus 8 hours per week on HA! then I'm pretty sure I can meet my deadline.

  • Floor traps are about 60-70% done (maybe more)
  • Skills need a lot more work, but that will be an evolving system anyway.
  • Inventory is still a little buggy (90% done)
  • I have a handful of cosmetic bugs which should be fairly quick to knock out
  • a few rule/logic (non-fatal) bugs

Lastly, I have a wishlist of features I want to add for 0.1.6 but those won't push back the deadline. Anything that doesn't make it in will end up at the top of the list for the 0.1.7 release.

Missle weapons and ranged effects (spells) are on the list for 0.1.7 along with monster inventories and corpses. Monster inventories imply picking up, using and dropping items. Corpses imply hunger and fatigue. All of which should be done for the 0.1.7 release.

When is 0.1.7? Well... considering 0.1.6 isn't even out the door yet, I'm not going to promise any dates, but I'm thinking I want to shoot for a quarterly release schedule. :)

(we'll see...) Posted on Sunday, April 3, 2005 8:53 PM Game Development | Back to top

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