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Rajesh Charagandla All about Microsoft BizTalk Server !!!
Some of the great and useful tools available at codeplex site for biztalk developers. I listed down few of them here.

BizTalk Server 2006 Documenter

Creates compiled help files for a given BTS 2006 installation.


BizTalk Server Pipeline Component Wizard

A project meant to ease to development of pipeline components used within a BizTalk Server environment. Supports both C# and VB.NET


BizUnit - Framework for Automated Testing of Distributed Systems

BizUnit is a test framework that is intended to test Biztalk solutions.



This project aims to play a kind "NAntContrib" role (where the community has extended NAnt with a bunch of valuable tasks) in the BizUnit world.


BizTalk Server Pattern Wizard

The BizTalk Pattern Wizard is an extensible tool to help you capture, share, and reuse your orchestration best practices.


BizTalk MsBuild Generator

This tool can be used to generate the MsBuild scripts required to implement a build process for a development environment that will build and deploy your code then allow you to test it.


BizTalk Adapter Wizard

Visual Studio wizard for creating custom BizTalk adapters. This wizard uses your input to create all of the necessary adapter framework code for a BizTalk custom adapter.


BizTalk Server 2006 Orchestration Profiler

Creates CHM report files illustrating the level of coverage for specified BizTalk orchestrations.


BizTalk MessageViewer HAT Plugin

A plugin for the BizTalk HAT (Health and Activity Tracking) application. This plugin provides a convenient way to view tracked messages in BizTalk


BizUnit Designer

BizUnit Designer is a GUI that allows rapid creation of BizUnit test cases which can be used for unit testing or system testing distributed applications.


Biztalk assembly version updater

*Biztalk buid helper * Biztalk buid helper is a command line tool . It increments the version numbers of all btproj's in the visual studio solution(2005).


BTSControl.exe - BizTalk Application Deployment Tool Similar To BTSTask.exe

BTSControl.exe is a BizTalk Application Deployment Tool for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 (R1 and R2).
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