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The Roanoke Valley .NET User Group held a monthly meeting tonight.  The topic was Unit Testing with Visual Studio 2008.  It was arguably one of the better meetings we have held. 

Even though I have been using Unit Testing for years (starting with JUnit forever ago).  Although I feel that I perform unit testing well enough, I am amazed and how much I can learn in just a few hours by collaborating and interacting with others.  It seems that over the past 7 years or so I have performed a significant amount of development alone or with a team of people new to unit testing.  As such, I have had little opportunity to collaborate with others.  Tonight's meeting was extremely beneficial for me by increasing my knowledge and skills.

I also continue to be impressed by the members of the NUG.  I want to specifically recognize several members.

  • Bret Shawn - Bret did a great job leading and coordinating the arrangements for the meeting.  He also led a unit testing group with incredible success (the best on the night).
  • Will Ashley - Will was the impetus behind the idea and he led tonight's education.  Will covered the varying philosophies of unit testing and provided an overview of the unit testing features in Visual Studio 2008.
  • Brian Johnston - Brian created the buggy code.  He didn't just add simple defects, he added different types of defects to demonstrate the various types of bugs encountered in the software.
  • Robin Edwards - Robin continues to impressively lead the user group.  Traditionally the summer months result in relatively low turnout but tonight's turnout was very high.  So high, in fact, that she had to get snacks!
  • Playahz on my Team - I don't recall your names but there were some funny and smart people on my team and they were very helpful in not only debugging the software but also in helping me see new ways to think about problem identification as well as how to write appropriate tests.

If you are not involved in your local UG, consider getting involved.  I know that time is valuable so be selective and attend those meetings that provide the most value to your work. 

Go to the RVNUG site and get the code from tonight's unit testing festival.  Look at the unit tests that Brian Johnston wrote.  It is an excellent educational opportunity. 

Happy Coding!


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