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This entry is originally from the Roanoke Valley .NET User Group newsletter.

As we discussed last month, technology is ever-changing. We talked about ways to maintain your skills and knowledge level. It is hard enough to introduce yourself to new technology. However, you’re not the only one who needs the introduction. Roanoke Code Camp 2008 is going to be here in a few weeks and you will be bombarded with all the wonderful newness to come from .NET. Now that you know about the new dewflanchy, how are you going to get your team members and your manager to get on the bandwagon? 

One of the biggest mistakes people make with respect to new technologies is failing to plan for adopting them. You should consider new technologies as candidates for adoption until proven otherwise. I am not saying that every new gizmo that comes from Redmond (or elsewhere) is appropriate for your business. I am, however, saying that when you learn about new technologies, you should consider adding them to your tool chest. Here is some advice for aligning your current technology business with new technologies.

When Informed of Upcoming Technologies…

1.       Evaluate – Determine what problems it solves. If it solves a problem you have, consider adopting it. Establish an evaluation plan for the newbie. Don’t just take it at face value. Use a formal project and assign resources to conduct a quantitative analysis. By assigning resources, constraints (budget, schedule) and goals, you improve the chances of reaching an end point.

a.       Does it fit your enterprise architecture?

b.      Is it a cost-effective solution?

2.       Adopt – If you choose to adopt the new technology, create a formal adoption plan to answer the following questions.

a.       How are you going to introduce the new technology to the organization?

b.      How are you going to upgrade the existing solutions to avail yourself of the new technology?

c.       How are you going to start using it in new solutions?

When Learning a New Technology…

1.       Educate Others – If you feel the newbie can benefit the organization, prepare 30-60 minutes presentation for your team. Provide a general overview instead of specifics.

2.       Prove It – Create a proof of concept or three. Make a sandbox (virtual) environment to start demonstrating some of the features of the new technology.

3.       Use It Appropriately – Don’t force it. Look for fit opportunities to utilize the new features.

How do you adopt new technology?   What is missing?  What questions do you have?  Share your adoption stories and lessons learned with the rest of the NUG!

Happy Alignment!

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