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If you're looking for a managed implementation of a search engine, the folks that provide Lucene.NET have updated theirs.

Comes with the source and they have another application (Seekafile) that utilizes the framework. 

There are three types of search: Fast, damn fast, and DotLucene. Check the biggest DotLucene demo online that is searching 3.5 GB of text in times around 0.1 s.

Lucene.Net (formerly DotLucene) is the fastest open-source search engine for .NET

  • Very good performance
  • Ranked search results
  • Search query highlighting in results
  • Searches structured and unstructured data
  • Metadata searching (query by date, search custom fields...)
  • Index size approximately 30% of the indexed text
  • Can store also full indexed documents
  • Pure managed .NET in a single assembly
  • Very friendly licensing (Apache Software License 2.0)
  • Localizable (support for Brazilian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Russian included in DotLucene National Language Support Pack)
  • Extensible (source code included)
  • Lucene.Net is a port of Jakarta Lucene to .NET (C#) maintained by George Aroush
  • Project home:
  • Index is compatible with the Java version (Lucene)

Source: Home | DotLucene - Resources for Lucene.Net, the Fastest Open-Source Search Engine for .NET

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