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I've been using eTrust 7.1 on my Vista builds with absolutely zero issues until the New Year.  As of 1/1/2007 Security Center is informing me that CA eTrust 7.1 AntiVirus is out of date.

The Virus Signatures inside of eTrust and it's all up to date with 12/29/2006 being the last update.

Running the following WMI script from an elevated prompt and the "productUptoDate" property is coming back false.  I'll be checking this out on an XP SP2 machine shortly, but something's up with eTrust 7.1 not reporting it correctly or something else.  I've done a reinstall. 

I tried the CA Support site and to say the least, it absolutely SUCKS!!!.  A shame as it's been quite stable and I'd fork out money for a Vista certified version if I had had a better experience with their site.  Now, I'll look elsewhere.  Symantec I really don't like too much as it mucks up the system way too much.

Microsoft's Forefront security package is looking better each day


strComputer = "." 'Can set to remote machine. 

On Error Resume Next
Set oWMI = GetObject _
("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer _
& "\root\SecurityCenter") 

Set colItems = oWMI.ExecQuery("Select * from AntiVirusProduct") 

If Err = 0 Then
For Each objAntiVirusProduct In colItems
WScript.Echo "companyName: " & objAntiVirusProduct.companyName
WScript.Echo "displayName: " & objAntiVirusProduct.displayName
WScript.Echo "enableOnAccessUIMd5Hash: " _
    & objAntiVirusProduct.enableOnAccessUIMd5Hash
WScript.Echo "enableOnAccessUIParameters: " _
    & objAntiVirusProduct.enableOnAccessUIParameters
WScript.Echo "instanceGuid: " & objAntiVirusProduct.instanceGuid
WScript.Echo "onAccessScanningEnabled: " _
    & objAntiVirusProduct.onAccessScanningEnabled
WScript.Echo "pathToEnableOnAccessUI: " _
    & objAntiVirusProduct.pathToEnableOnAccessUI
WScript.Echo "pathToUpdateUI: " & objAntiVirusProduct.pathToUpdateUI
WScript.Echo "productUptoDate: " & objAntiVirusProduct.productUptoDate
WScript.Echo "updateUIMd5Hash: " & objAntiVirusProduct.updateUIMd5Hash
WScript.Echo "updateUIParameters: " _
    & objAntiVirusProduct.updateUIParameters
WScript.Echo "versionNumber: " & objAntiVirusProduct.versionNumber
WScript.Echo "Unable to connect to SecurityCenter class on " _
& strComputer & "."
WScript.Echo " Error Number:" & Err.Number
WScript.Echo " Source:" & Err.Source
WScript.Echo " Description:" & Err.Description
End If

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# re: eTrust 7.1 AntiVirus Out of Date issue on Vista RTM - Forefront looking better each day
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I'm having the same problem with my 6.2 Version of the same software. Mine states 12/27/06 as the last update and that's verified every day if you go into the View Log files. 12/27/06 is the last date of virus definitions, every day since states Already up to date in the log file. CA customer service sucks. I've looked on their site, I've emailed, etc..... no answers.
Left by Carol McAlpine on Jan 09, 2007 4:24 AM

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