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I swear that Microsoft are trying to force developers to move their sites from Classic ASP to ASP.NET.  Not that I have anything against ASP.NET - I like it and I like Classic ASP less.  But in reality, many sites work perfectly well in Classic ASP and don't need converting - even if a budget was available (which there usually isn't!)

OK.  Many of us are aware of the dropping of friendly colours from VS2008 for .ASP.  This was reintroduced in SP1 after the development community kicked up a huge fuss.  The reason for this post however is due to another incident:

We have a site built in Classic ASP.  We built a .NET COM aware component which we want to use to handle the importing and mangement of a CSV file.  The process of builing a .NET COM object and using it Classic ASP is well documented, particularly in excellent article on The Code Project.

A Microsoft patch (MS07-056) released on October 2007 for fixing security issues with IE7 causes ASP websites from not being able to use .NET COM active X controls.  Why?  IE7 and ASP / .NET COM interops should be pretty much unrelated.  The error has not been fixed by Microsoft.  There are workarounds include (a) uninstalling the patch (probably only available if it was installed as part of the specific patch) or (b) opening permissions to a registry key in NETWORK SERVICE user account!

What's more, after you finally manage to apply the fix, it will only take effect after a restart of the webserver.  You can't tell whether you have fixed the error until after the reboot.   So much for 99.999% uptime! Posted on Thursday, January 29, 2009 12:58 PM | Back to top

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