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Have all your Desgin Pattern woes solved and more:

As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that your code instantly gets 270-890% better when using design patterns (unless, of course, you are programming in Perl or Assembly). Note also that design patterns let you score big time with the ladies at parties (unless you abuse Dependency Rejection pattern), increase the size of your member, make you a better driver, and level you directly to OT9.

Made my chuckle!

On a totally different note, now long till Developer Day Scotland.  If your in Scotland and have signed up, shame on you!  Get signed up now, should be an interesting day.  Also, like to point out the Scotland ALT.NET User Group again.  Looks like a meet on the 28th May is set to g oahead.  I'm due to be on holiday then, so I'm not going to make it, but I'm really looking forward to attending future events.  I think raising the developer education level in Glasgow is really long past due.  There are too many developers out there that take the word of Microsoft as gospel won't try any of the fantastic OSS projects out there!

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