May 2011 Entries

Resources for Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Beta
Here are the updated links for quick reference: Windows Phone SDK Beta Download Center: Go live license– WPDT 7.1 Documentation Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 Release Notes: What’s New in Windows Phone Developer Tools: Code Samples for Windows Phone: App Hub Links Announcement: ......

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Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 – Beta [Windows Phone 7 “Mango”]
Today a new set of tools targeting the Windows Phone 7 “Mango” release is available. This toolset is being called Windows Phone Developer Tools 7.1 This by not means can be translated into the actual product name for the final release! The download is available at [might take a few hours to appear on that site] Direct Download Link Documentation and What’s New is on MSDN: Using these tools a developer can write WP7 application for 7.0 ......

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AgileThought Review | Chicago CodeCamp | TechEd 2011
I’ve had great first quarter working with AgileThought in the Tampa, FL office. Are you still moving in the direction you set out on or have your plans shifted? If there is a change, are you still in the right place to do so? Those were the questions I asked myself, before I began my transition. I’ve spend considerable amount of time thinking of where I am taking my career [different story for a different post] and decided to continue my story at AgileThought. I’ve met with the senior leadership ......

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